GULA Gastrobar is a space for all creatives who dare reinvent and rewrite the “rules” of the city of Lisbon with confidence, attitude, personality and exuberance. With an exclusive environment, GULA Gastrobar “speaks only one language” of fun, sharing and coexistence among all the fearless people that make this city so attractive and fascinating.

Gula means gluttony in Portuguese, one of the the seven deadly sins, it's meaning being "the insatiable desire for excess". Trough the use of a strong written and visual language, the brand builds an emotional relation with the audience creating a strong recognition. The delicate details on the logo and the monogram help build and established reputation, giving a unique brand experience atmosphere powered by the design.

This combination creates a unique space for the GULA Gastrobar world, which you can ain't be part of.

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Brand identity
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