Located in one of Lisbon's most iconic neighborhoods, 'ICE, ICE BABY' is a standout gelateria celebrated for its high-quality savory ice creams with original flavors.

The genesis of this concept was rooted in two key premises:
the endearing inclusion of the term 'baby' in the brand, evoking a personal and suggestive connection, and the brand's singular nature, bestowing upon it an air of exclusivity.
The manifesto articulates the fusion of these two essential premises, where 'baby' transcends being merely a name
and becomes an invitation to intimacy, promising
a connection beyond the ordinary.

In its communication strategy, the brand delves into the intimate and the suggestive, crafting a language that is not just a message but a whisper of connection. It beckons individuals on a journey where each interaction is a sensation, and every customer is
a 'baby,' celebrating not just a brand but intimacy, uniqueness,
and the power of authentic connection.

To complement the visual identity, a modular system was crafted to abstractly represent the two life stages of ice cream, the smooth transition between the frozen and melted states.

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Brand Concept
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